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    Review process for papers

    General regulations

    The Journal «ACTUAL PROBLEMS OF TRANSPORT MEDICINE» follows a single-blinded process of peer review. The manuscript is reviewed anonymously by two leading specialists in the corresponding field of biochemistry. Authors may suggest candidatures of independent reviewers for their work (the Editorial Board regards such wishes with understanding, though reserves the right to assign reviewers capable for the most qualified analysis of the work).

    Our reviewers are aware that submitted manuscripts are the authors’ private property and are not the subject to unauthorized disclosure.

    A reviewer’s decision is not final. Authors have a right to appeal against a reviewer’s decision.  In this case the paper will be sent to the independent referee or to adjudicating member of the Editorial Board for assessment.  A final decision on the appeal remains with the Editorial Board.

    The Editor makes the decision on the paper, and informs the authors on the decision.

    Once reviewer reports have been received, authors are given 3 weeks to revise the paper. The revised paper along with a point-by-point response to the reviewer reports and with the explanations on any changes made in the paper should be returned to the Editorial Office within 3 weeks.

    The revised paper, approved and signed by reviewers and Scientific Editor, is considered as the final version. Any changes in the text, figures or tables are not permitted thereafter.

    Reviewing procedure
    1. Submitted manuscript is registered by Editorial Staff at the time of receipt of a hard copy by mail or electronic version by e-mail.
    2. Scientific Editors make a decision as to who will be assigned to review a manuscript, following a field of research.
    3. A manuscript is send to the assigned reviewers.
    4. Once reviewer reports have been received, the Editorial Staff send these reports to the authors. If two positive reports are obtained, the paper is accepted for publication. If revision is required, the authors revise the paper, considering all reviewers’ observations and recommendations.
    5. The revised version of the paper then enters a second round of peer review.
    6. If positive reviewers’ assessments are reported, the paper then is approved by the Scientific Editor and afterwards is considered and approved by the Editorial Board.
    7. Manuscript approved by the Editorial Board is sent to the Editorial Office to be made ready for publication.

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